Laboratory Production Times:

  • Denture Repair:  Same day (Plus Shipping)
  • Metal Repair:    2 days (Plus Shipping)
  • Cast Patial Framework:  4 Days (Plus Shipping)
  • Set-up and try-in:  4 days (Plus Shipping)
  • Acrylic Process and finish: 3 Days (Plus Shipping)
  • FRS/Valplast Process and finish: 3 Days (Plus Shipping)

Pick-up and Delivery

  • Vanouver & Burnaby: Pick up by our Drivers same day
  • Within Great Vancouver:DDS or Wes's (please unload their scheduel)
  • Outside Great Vancouver:
    1. ICS(After calling Next day pick-up )
    2. Canada Post (2 bussiness days)

Price list

  • Contact us or submit information

Office hours:

  • Open Monday -Friday (8:00am-- 5:00pm)
  • Pick-up is available on Saturday